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eMoney & Wealthscape

July 06, 2021

Hello all,

I hope you had a nice 4th of July and are enjoying a fun summer!

In the book Upstream-The Quest to Solve Problems before they Happen by Chip Heath, there is a situation described that happened to a US based travel company and in one year it grew into a $100,000,000 problem. Expedia is an online travel business allowing customers to book vacation accommodations themselves.  The problem was that Expedia did not anticipate their customers would mistype their email address (there was not an option requiring confirmation when the email address was entered) or lose their travel itinerary (there was no log in portal for accessing itinerary once it was emailed).

The average cost to Expedia for each customer service call was an average of $5. There were 20,000,000 calls in one year creating a $100,000,000 problem. Instead of investigating the reason for the increase in call volume and creating the necessary changes that needed to be in place, Expedia simply hired more customer service workers until it grew too expensive and management figured out the root cause and corrected it. 

As a business owner it reminded me of the importance of anticipating your needs and how to better serve you. That is Upstream thinking. My team worked with client support at Avantax and created a document to successfully guide you step by step to set up and access your accounts through Avantax/eMoney and Wealthscape.  

What is the difference in the two? Avantax/eMoney contains your personal checking account info as well as your stock/investment portfolio. Because of this, Avantax requires the password to be reset every 60 days for the protection of your sensitive account information. When logging in on a new device you may also be required to set up a new password. 

With Wealthscape your personal checking account information is not required. Wealthscape will show graphs & charts of each stock in your portfolio going back 10 years and will not require you to regularly change your password.  Depending on what your needs are, you can log onto the one best suited for you.  At the top of our website we have a portal you can click on to log into Avantax/eMoney Investor login or Wealthscape Investor login. 

In order to set up an Avantax account please call the office at 770-396-6556 or email Dawn at Dawn@ClementsFinancialServices. A link will be emailed to you to begin your registration. Your Wealthscape account can be set up from your Avantax/eMoney account but first you will need an Avantax account in place. 

Click this link for step by step directions. Avantax/eMoney & Wealthscape Account directions to set up

Let me know if you would like to come in to talk to me about how I can help you with investing. Take care and thank you for being my valued client!