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End of the year and tax planning

December 01, 2020

Hello all,

Congrats, we all survived 2020! This was one of the most unusual years I have ever lived through. Beginning with Covid 19, impeachment, quarantining during tax season, no toilet paper or paper towels to be found anywhere, the world shutting down, a super challenging Presidential election with votes still being counted as I write this, super spreaders, a runoff in January, multiple hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding...oh my! 

We have approximately 744 hours left before 2021. Do you have any New Year Resolutions? Did you know studies have shown that writing down your goals makes it more likely you will accomplish them?

Please contact me if you would like me to review your end of year estimated taxes, giving to charity before the end of the year, tax loss selling or any other tax or investment questions you may have before the end of 2020. I am happy to assist in guiding you to achieve your goals.

As always, thank you all for being my valued clients. Happy Holidays to all and here's to a fresh start in 2021!