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Spring is here and the signs are all around us

March 02, 2021

Hello All,

The signs of Spring are all around us. Flowering trees and bushes, bulbs poking up for the earth, new green leaves birthing from branches, the milder weather, beautiful sunshine and the annual Orchid Daze exhibit is in full swing at the Atlanta Botanical Garden(pics below). Everywhere I look nature is waking up from a long slumber. The change of seasons we are blessed with is one of my favorite things about living in Atlanta. 

One of the prettiest events I see each year on television is The Masters played right here in Augusta, Georgia. At the same time as the Masters I have a beautiful view from my desk window as I work on taxes and investments of a long row of pink Cherry trees in full bloom. I attended The Masters one year in my early 30's and it was nothing short of majestic. The sea of pink azaleas look like they spread for miles around the verdant grass. I usually pull for Bubba because he went to UGA and Fred Couples because he is my age.

Have you noticed in life that with each new year there is always something to look forward to? Something that I am particularly looking forward to is the Covid vaccine being available to everyone.  We haven't visited or seen my stepsons since Thanksgiving of 2019. Once my family is vaccinated and travel is safer we will be able to visit the boys again in New Orleans and San Francisco (two fun destinations with terrific food and culture). I'm sure many of you have also waited longer than you would like since seeing your loved ones and friends. Maybe as nature celebrates with it's display of flowers and blooms we will all be able to join in with this celebration in the many ways we did in the past only with a new appreciation and outlook.

As always, I wish you the best and am grateful that you all are my valued clients. Please let me know how I can help you and remember that I appreciate you. Stay safe out there!