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ShredFest is Thursday, July 30th from 12-2

July 07, 2020

People often ask me how long they need to hold onto tax information before disposing of it. The short answer is 7 years. After that you should no longer need it. Click Here for the timeline of how long to hold onto your other documents. 

There's nothing more important than protecting your identity and responsibly destroying sensitive documents is a smart way to stay safe. We are having our first ShredFest for our valued clients.

ShredFest is scheduled on Thursday, July 30th from 12-2 in our parking lot. If you do not wish to get out of your car you can place your boxes of documents in the trunk of your car. The staff will remove your documents and place them in the shredder. 100% of the paper shredded will be recycled. You may include paper clips, 3 ring notebooks and folders that the recycling center will sort out. 

Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees! We look forward to seeing you!  As always, thank you for being a a valued client!


The Woodland Building  4243 Dunwoody Club Drive, Suite 101 Atlanta GA 30350