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The Three C's

June 02, 2020

Ever wonder what you can do to be a better friend, relative, employer/employee or neighbor? One simple thing you can start now is to practice the 3 C'sConsole, Congratulate and Compliment! 

When a friend has received bad news it is most reassuring when they know you care and you offer your support by consoling them. Think about how you have felt when you have been at a low point or have received some bad news. Someone listening to you and being present for you is invaluable.  You may not have any words of wisdom to offer but you can be someone who is dependable and you can be there to support them. This small act of kindness will show them they are important to you and that you value them enough to be reliable in the tough times.

Congratulate people on their milestones, achievements, accolades or good news that they or their family have received. This is an easy one. Celebrating others success feels good to them and to you. It is contagious! Whether it is a school their child got into, a marriage, a grandchild, running a marathon, a promotion at work, an anniversary or finding out they are cancer free.  Join in on the good cheer! 

Give a sincere compliment when you admire or appreciate something. Perhaps this person is consistent and responsible every day and asks for nothing in return, a waiter who always gives you good service, the way someone's mere presence brightens a room when they enter it, a teacher who makes a big difference in your child's day at school or a memory of an act of kindness or someone who took the time to mentor you and show you encouragement and praise. Whatever it is that you value or admire, bring it to their attention. You could even hand write them a letter. A letter can be read, reread and cherished. 

Why not try the Three C's today? I'd love to hear about your experience and might just post it on my blog. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.   

Thank you for being a valued client and stay safe and healthy.