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What I learned at the IRS conference in New Orleans

February 04, 2020

Sometimes timing in life works out well and everything lines up properly. My stepson's White Coat Ceremony at Tulane Medical School was the same week as the IRS conference. While my wife was touring galleries, museums and taking cooking classes, I learned about the #1 goal of Charles Rettig the new Commissioner of the IRS. Fun fact-the IRS collects approximately $3.4 trillion dollars in taxes each year. Where does it go? Mostly to fund the government operations and public services. 

The #1 Goal is to drastically improve customer service and make the IRS more user friendly and respectful of tax payers rights. Ironically, his wife is a CPA. While representing her client with an IRS issue on the phone with the IRS auditor, the IRS Auditor hung up on her. Unfortunately for the auditor he was on speaker phone and Mr. Rettig was in the room listening. The new Commissioner called the auditor back and let him know that he did not approve of the way he was handling the case and the lack of customer service. 

A little bit of his history-Charles Rettig spent 36 years with a law firm representing his clients before the IRS with audit issues. Mr. Rettig has an Economics degree from UCLA and a Law degree from Pepperdine University and a Masters in taxation from NYU.

Fingers crossed that Mr. Rettig is successful with his new goal.  


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