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What I learned at the 2020 IRS conference

What I learned at the 2020 IRS conference

August 04, 2020

Hello all,

This year the Annual IRS conference was scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas. Instead, it was online via Zoom. Chuck Rettig the IRS Commissioner delivered the Keynote address and the following is what I learned.

  • $270 billion was delivered in economic impact payments. Getmypayment allows people to check their payment status. allows Non filers(people who do not have a filing obligation) to enter their personal info online to allow them to receive their payment faster.
  • The IRS is accepting comments and ideas on how their service can be improved. Mr. Rettig receives report summaries of these comments and wants to make sure that tax payers feel that they are a priority and are treated with respect.
  • On March 27th the Cares Act began. By April 9th $21 million in payments went out to help Americans.
  • The IRS forms which were originally available in 6 languages are now available in 15. Mr. Rettig's wife is not a native speaker of English.
  • The IRS provided masks for First Responders.
  • Silver lining-IRS is using more technology/electronics. 98% of the taxes are processed by computer. 2% will trip a filter and require a human to look over them.
  • Later this summer tax payers will be able to file amended income tax returns electronically using software products.
  • Mr. Rettig reminded us that the IRS does not ever request money grams and will not call you on the phone to threaten to arrest you. 

Overall, Mr. Rettig is very proud of his work at the IRS. He is two years into his five year term. I find it is most interesting that Mr. Rettig was a longtime high profile tax lawyer who  specialized in defending people and companies against the I.R.S. His background gives him a unique perspective of the IRS. I look forward to seeing what the remainder of his term will bring.

Take care and stay healthy and as always, thanks for being my valued client.